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Hi Roger,  I've been trying to see how I can afford to get the organ meat and bone into Zoes diet. She has ground beef, sometimes ribs or steak for her raw meal and then the cooked chicken for her second meal, or tuna and sardines. The ribs have bones if she gets those. I work at a discount grocery store and have bought meat on sale as it is getting ready to expire. The chicken leg quarters are least expensive.
Would supplements give her what she needs in place of organ meat and bones? GNC has a multivitamin for senior dogs I was looking at. Also I saw something about grinding eggshells into powder for calcium.

Hi Mary,

Yes, egg shells are a very good calcium supplement for dogs. I would bake them at a low temp for a little while and them put them in a coffee grinder or similar.

You could probably give her a teaspoon for every 25lbs once a day.

The multivitamins would be very good for her. As dogs get older, they can always use some extra supplements.

You would have to see how much calcium is in it. I don't think they usually put any in. That's more in the multi-mineral. But you can still add some egg shells.

You could also give her the chicken legs raw with the bones. The bones would give her the calcium she needs and help to clean her teeth.

Don't worry about splintering. This only happens when you cook bones. The marrow gets cooked out and that's when they become splintery. But raw chicken bones are soft and pliable.

We give chicken necks at least once or twice a week to our guys. They are really good at cleaning teeth. They are also high in calcium. If you give any necks or the leg bones, you shouldn't have to supplement any calcium.

You should be able to get some frozen chicken livers or beef liver at a cheap price sometimes in the grocery market. If you can, give her a little a couple times a week and that would be adequate for her diet. If you can't, then the multivitamins will be the next best thing.

Check to see if you have any local small, independent natural pet food stores in your are. Most will carry a few different commercially made raw foods for dogs. If they have a local supplier like we do, the price point is very low.

Most of these foods are balanced as well so you wouldn't have to get anything else and try to guess how much to put in.

It would at least be worth checking out. Maybe once in a while throwing in some of this.

There's a difference between grocery store meats and meats prepared for dogs. The government allows a higher bacteria count on human food because they know it will be cooked before consuming. Secondly, unless it's "free range" or organic, you can probably bet they use antibiotics and growth hormones in the base food for these grocery store meats. This then of course gets passed along to your dog.

They are pretty tough though and she should be fine on it. If you were feeding a pup, I might look at an alternative.

Let me know if there is anything else.



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