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Hey, I'm interested in getting a dog. It will be my first time and have 4yr old twins grandsons. I like the Bichon but am having a hard time finding ppl who sell them. I've contacted a rescue agency but wont adopt to new dog owners. I'm registered with the Spca but would like to be able to get in touch with private owners. I'm in Philadelphia, Pa


Hi Marcia,

I'm not sure what your question is. Are you looking for breeders of Bichon Frises in the Philadelphia area?

I can understand why you'd like to own a Bichon, but adopting through a breed rescue can sometimes be a lengthy process of application and interviewing. More than breed, what really matters is an individual dog's temperament. There are plenty of "non-breed specific" purebreds out there who don't fit their breed description. I only mention this because there are so many dogs in need of good loving homes like yours. If you could consider other breeds or breed mixes (mixed breeds are often healthier!) with some of the attributes of a Bichon, the adoption process might go a little quicker and a little easier. Breeds similar to the Bichon you might want to consider are:

Coton de Tulear
Miniature Poodle

I should also mention that though Bichon Frises often appear on lists of dogs that do not shed this is misleading. The breed requires frequent trimming, brushing, and bathing required to keep the it looking its best and to remove hair and dander which controls the other potent allergen, the dog's saliva. There is no true "hypoallergenic" dog. Human sensitivity to dog fur, saliva, and dander can vary considerably between individual dogs.

You didn't say if you haven't already browsed Petfinder for adoptable dogs. If not, this might interest you:|GCGT+39.9522%2C-75.1

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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To date, I've owned 7 dogs, all of which have lived into old age. Having cared for them in all stages of life, I feel I can offer sound advice to other pet owners, and people considering getting a dog. I am knowledgeable about the AKC (American Kennel Club) dog breeds, training and exercise, caring for sick and elderly pets, feeding, as well as many holistic treatments pets can benefit from. My only request is that you write me using standard English and punctuation.


My life experience in this field is more like "on the job training" rather than an actual degree in animal welfare. You may benefit from my experiences over the past 30 years. Aside from the dogs I've owned, I'm also involved in "breed rescue" and have fostered several dogs, all of which have been adopted to wonderful "forever homes". I find helping people who want a dog very rewarding.

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