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i just had my 9 month puppy fixed.   she was a little wild when i got her from a froster home. I just got her to love and run around like a happy pup, now she is back to being snippy. when and how can i get her back to where she was?  thank you for your time


Hi Patty,

By "snippy", I'm assuming that you mean your dog is snapping at you. If I'm wrong about this, please get back to me.

If your dog was only briefly not snapping at you, it probably was due to her having the spay surgery. She simply wasn't feeling well enough to be acting like her old snappy self. Now that she's feeling better she's acting more like herself, and she's back to snapping at you.

Very simply, your Dachshund is showing her dominance over you by snapping at you. This is a breed of dog that needs a strong "pack leader", and if it does not receive the necessary leadership from its owner, it will try to take charge. If you don't get a handle on this behavior soon, things can get a whole lot worse. A very simple and easy way of "putting a dog in it's place" is by using the Nothing In Life Is Free training regimen. Read about this here:

It can be really difficult to train your dog out of this aggressive behavior if you've never trained a dog with this problem before. Reading about how to do it might not be the effective and quick cure you need. Enroll your Dachshund in obedience training classes if you find you are struggling to train the dog by yourself. In a class, you will learn from an experienced professional what you need to do to control your dog, and your dog will learn how to obey. To find a class, contact your vet's office or a local boarding kennel to get a referral to an obedience class in your area.

Best of luck,



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