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Hi, my female spitz ( the miniature variety ) comes into heat every 4 months .... She is 2 and a half years old... She gave birth to her first puppy on Jan 31st 2013 ... Unfortunately, the pup died on Feb 3rd, 2013 ... ( If you remember mam, I had mailed and asked you why my dog is not showing any signs of grief over the death of the pup and is behaving as though such a thing never existed )...
         Its been more than a month now... For the past week, my dog has been shedding fur profusely ... She usually sheds fur only only 1 month prior to heat.. This has happened without fail during  all her 6 heat cycles...
         No other time does she shed fur... Even prior, during and after delivery, not a strand of fur fell ... Even after the death of the puppy, for 1 month there was no fur fall ...

I enquired a dog breeder in my locality and she said that it could not be heat ( as its too early ) and said that probably because she has stopped producing milk, fur has started to fall ... She said that it will stop soon ...
         But still fur is falling profusely ... It has worsened, just like during her heat times ... I mean, it starts off with individual strands during the first few days and ends up with bunches of fur flying all over the house...
         & from day before yesterday, my dog has been licking her vagina constantly, say every 10 minutes or so ... I have seen her doing that only during her heat cycle/prior to her heat cylcle ...

Do you think that she could probably be coming into heat ?? Is it possible so early ???


Hi Sujatha,

The breeder you spoke to was correct, it usually takes four or more months after a pregnancy for a dog's heat cycle to resume, but that rule isn't cast in stone. It is possible that her heat cycle is starting up again. You should prevent male dogs from being around her until you are positive that it's not her heat cycle. Your dog should not be bred again until your veterinarian says she's healthy enough to carry a litter.

Because your dog's hair loss seems to be associated with her heat cycles it sounds like it's a hormonal issue. Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian, and blood work probably will need to be done. Your dog might benefit from being spayed, which will stop her heat cycles, that is something you should discuss with your vet.

Since your dog's issues have been going on since January, you should not put off having a vet see her. Prompt treatment leads to a faster less complicated recovery.

Best of luck,



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