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hi, i'm wondering if it's good to feed my 7 months corgi once/twice a week of raw meat then most days dry & wet food? the idea of feed raw meat sounds interesting. Please advice, thanks! june

Hi June,

The best diet for any dog is the raw food diet. This is the way nature intended them to eat and thrive on.

The more you process (cook) foods, the worse it is for them and us. So raw being the best, homemade is second, canned is third and dry food is at the bottom for overall health.

So that being said, the more you can feed a raw food based diet, the better health he/she will have.

Now it does depend on your budget and preferences. You can feed cooked foods but you must supplement with enzymes and probiotics to help make the meal complete.

The more moist type foods, the better. Dry food can have it's place but should only be used for a small part of the diet if the budget can handle it.

If you only feed raw once or twice a week is fine. It's just the more you can do, the better.

When you do feed raw, make sure that it is complete. It's OK to grad a little raw now and then from the grocery store and feed it or add it to a meal, but you don't want to feed too many meals like this.

The reason is that the regular raw meat at the grocery store is not balanced. It does not have certain minerals like calcium and other nutrients derived from organ meat.

Most commercial made raw dog foods are complete. They use ground bone and organ meat mixed right into the food. Most will even add a varying degree of mixed veggies for a variety of nutrients.

You can go to a place like and read some up on them for starters if you haven't any experience with commercially made raw foods yet.

Mixing thing up for your corgi is the best. A diet that is high in variety will strengthen his/her digestive system. A strong digestive system means a strong immune system.

We feed exclusively raw foods to our dogs and cats. This keeps them very healthy. We also add a powdered enzyme and probiotic to every meal. Raw foods typically have some enzymes and probiotics in them but they are typically not high in digestive enzymes.

This is because the manufacturers use mostly muscle meat in all these foods. There are very little digestive type enzymes in muscle meat. Most digestive enzymes in the prey are located in the intestinal track and bile ducts.

This is one of the best tings you can do for your dog no matter what you feed. Animal Essentials makes a good combination of enzymes and probiotics. Get some of these and start putting it on every meal. It will also help transition to a raw food diet.

So I hope I've answered your questions. Yes, it's good to feed raw once or twice a week but even better if you can do it more.

We've written one book on dog food and it's available on Amazon. It's called Dog Food Decoded. It gets into raw a little but our next book will soley focus on the raw food diet.

There are other good books on feeding raw. Steve Brown has written a couple. He's given lectures in our store and is very knowledgeable.

When you do decide to feed some raw, just start very slowly. Don't just give a whole bowl of it at once. His/her digestive system will not be used to digesting that much.

Just start with a spoonful of some kind of burger or stew meat. Build up from there at each feeding.

Once it becomes a whole meal, that's when you want to search out commercially made raw for dogs or learn how to add a few things to make your homemade raw diet completely balanced.

If you should have any further questions, please feel free to write back and I'll try to help.



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