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Dogs/oxalate crystals in urine


My 12 year old beagle was just diagnosed with oxalate crystals in his urine.  I don't like nor trust commercial pet food.  I have always cooked his food but need recipes for his new diet.  Could I also get a list of foods that he can eat so that I can make-up my own recipes too.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Noel,

We've always believed and practice a raw food diet for our dogs (including three beagles).

This provides "live" nutrients and the high moisture diet that nature intended for them to eat and thrive on.

You're right about commercial foods not being good or balanced. There are however very good commercial raw food manufacturers that produce balanced diets that are complete and very easy to feed. You would do well for him to research some of those. I can make recommendations if you like.

We've healed many dogs and cats on the raw food diet from many health ailments.

Homemade diets are great for good health as long as they include all nutrients needed to make the diet balanced.

This includes calcium and other minerals that many home diets are lacking in.

If you cook your foods you MUST add certain supplements to make it complete. The two biggest ones are enzymes and probiotics. The lack of these in dogs diets are the main reason why so many are developing degenerative type diseases.

There are many good books on Amazon that include many good homemade diets. One holistic book we have and recommend is Dr. Pitcairn's located at

This book will help guide you in the proper care and feeding for these crystals.

There is also a website that will help you learn more about them. The more you know, the better you can help to control them. One is located at

On that site, you can click on the balanceit or petdiets links to get more information about homemade diets. You can select the health condition and other information and get recommendations.

This will be a lot easier for you than me trying to list out any homemade diets. As I said earlier, we believe in the raw food diet (balanced) to help heal the core health of a dog or cat and add supplements as needed for any other health conditions. The sites I recommend and books will fill in the blanks.

Another good suggestion is to seek the help of a holistic vet. These guys are great and are trained in healing through nutrition.

They can get your records through your current vet and help you transition and/or work with you on your homemade diet to control these crystals.

The key with him is to keep his diet very high moisture content. Homemade diets are great for this, raw is better. But both must be complete.

Keeping the urinary tract flushed is key to any type of crystals. Other supplements they recommend will help get rid of them and keep them from coming back.

I hope this information helps and you can keep you boy going strong. If you would like further information about transitioning to a raw food diet or would like to add anything or ask more questions, please feel free to respond back. I'll try to help all I can.



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