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Dogs/Puppy in heat and smells?


Hi Karen,
My name is Pattie and I have 2 Schnauzers and one Schnoodle all of whom I love so much :) My youngest was 6 months old about 10 days ago. I do believe she is in heat now. I noticed blood this morning after she went potty. I only see the blood when she potty's. She has an smell, also. I do not remember a smell with our other female and was wondering if this is normal. I do not breed them, I have them fixed but when we got her a month ago we had to restart all her shots, because she was not up to date. Wanted to get that done before we had her spayed.
Thank you for doing this. I am book marking this site!

Some bitches can be more stinky or messy than others, while others keep themselves almost spotless, but with the timing, it does indeed sound like she is in season. Be sure you go outside with her when she potties, as any loose boys will be coming around, and she will be as anxious to get to them as they are to get to her. She will be in season for about 21 days.

I am concerned about your mention of "restarting her shots". Be careful you do not overvaccinate as that can cause numerous health issues. Do NOT give yearly vaccines, and at the most, only give them every three years (although vaccines are good for *at least* 7-8 years). I highly recommend doing titers every three years when vaccines are due rather than automatically revaccinating. I myself no longer give further vaccinations once the puppy shots are done, except for the required rabies every three years. (And studies are being done in Wisconsin to prove that our dogs do NOT need rabies vaccines every three years...)


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