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I own a female dog ( pomeranian spitz cross ).. She is two years and 8 months old... We keep her in a cage when we go for work and in the evening we leave her free in our lawn ... When we leave her free from the cage she runs helter skelter and hits herself on all the furniture before going to the lawn.. Similarly, while bringing her back into the house in the night she runs wildly in the house and hits herself violently ( She doesnt fuss about it though ) ... She also runs around in circles ( in the same place ) ... This was not a problem till now ... We had bred her and she had conceived with four pups ( Got an ultrasound done on the 37th day ) ... But now on the 45th day, I could make out that her stomach was flat and hence I took her for an ultrasound again and the Vet said that the entire litter has got aborted ...This is a disaster ... The vet said that he could not ascertain the reason for the abortion as her hormone levels were fine ... So, I think that such a thing happened because she hits herself ( & her stomach so badly ) ... She is not trained but is not completely disobedient, so I thought of training her now itself so that this doesnt recur again ... Could you guide me how I am to go about with the
training ???

It sounds to me like she is caged too much and thus she is becoming wild when she is let out.  If she doesn't feel like she has a safe place to have her pups she will abort or reabsorb them.  There are many dogs that live their lives in cages and have puppies, but most of them don't know the difference.
There is a lot to do with training.  I would recommend the Cesar Milan series of tapes and books.  They would be best for you because they get into the psychology of the dog which would help you understand your dog's actions.
Here is his website.
It covers much more than I can cover here.


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