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Hi, I have a 5 month old schnauzer named Ralph, he is a puppy that is always in the yard, he is usually very playful and sociable, but I've noticed that when approaching my neighbor's dog Ralph is upset and starts barking, it is normal that only with my neighbor's dog, Ralph gets aggressive?, also when I came home from work Ralph gets really excited and even though i do not encourage him to bite my hands , continues to do, I always try to give toys to chew on to distract him from my hands, or tell him to sit, but apparently his excitement is so big that he ignores me or the toys, I've also tried to ignore his misbehavior but that excites him more, is there something wrong with him or it's me?..

As Ralph is always in the yard, I fed him there, but that has attracted a stray cat, and I found that the cat intimidates Ralph to steal his food, I had to be with Ralph while eating and make sure he's eating peacefully, but there are days when I can not be with him,  is there some natural product that can keep away the stray cats without harming Ralph?

thank you and sorry for my bad English =)

Schnauzers are extremely intelligent dogs, and should never be left alone outside for any length of time. You will end up with a dog who barks at everything that he sees, hears, or smells, as schnauzers were bred to be watchdogs, and they do that job very well. If he doesn't drive YOU crazy with his barking, he will certainly annoy the neighbors.

His biting at you is typical puppy behavior, and he continues to do that because he has never been taught that biting is unacceptable behavior. Here I pinch the puppy's lip HARD, as I stare the dog in the eye, and roar at him (like a lion), and then I tell the dog in a loud angry voice, "NO BITING!"

Ralph gets excessively excited when he sees you because he is bored being outside all the time with no people to interact with. Schnauzers LOVE their people and want to be with them as much as possible. Right now, as I sit here at my computer, I have all my dogs lying around my chair and my feet. If I get up to do something, they get up, too, and follow me to see what I am doing.

If you want Ralph to be a better dog, you need to take him to obedience classes and work with him every single day. He also needs to be brought into the house so that he has people to interact with, and so that his training can be an on-going thing. If you have to go out, confine Ralph in a crate, pen, or small room so that he doesn't get into trouble. He also needs to be brushed/combed out every day so that his coat doesn't become a matted mess. Schnauzers need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks.

Get a copy of the paperback book, "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Rutherford and Neil. It explains what the breeder should have done with the puppy, and what you as his new owner should be doing to bring out the best in your puppy.

If you cannot do these things, you should place Ralph with a family who will work with him. Schnauzers do not do well growing up like weeds.

I know of no products that will keep cats away... except maybe large dogs that like to eat cats.  :-)  Cats are good; they kill rodents.


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