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I have 18 month old Akita,I broke her crate down 2 months ago since than she's chewed the blinds,window sill,books and yesterday a bunch of Dvds(my wife left or alone for 20 minutes to go to the store only to return to destruction!Needless to say the crate came back up and she went in!My wife said in the crate or out the door only cause my landlord will flip if I can't fix it before she sees this.How do I stop this behavior?I've only had dogs chew up to like 6 months of age.And one more question How do I stop her skiddishness and submissive peeing?(My neighbor who she sees every day since she was 9 wks pets her and she pees even after she's been walked?

Hi Jason,

A couple of things:

Submissive peeing will get better with more socialization and not making eye contact.  Have your neighbor ignore her until she comes to him and then he is NOT to look at her.  He can pet her while talking to you (in a casual manner).

Eighteen months is still a puppy to an Akita  the chewing can be from:

vitamin/MINERAL shortage.  Get some pettabs with MINERAls, but it still takes about 9 months for her to rebuild her system to where it needs to before she will have a good effect from it.

exercise, she is a big dog and needs a tremendous amount until she is fully grown.  A couple of all out runs per day, and about an hour or two in the morning to settle her down.

boredom,  give her huge (real) bones to chew.  Get them from a butcher or has some.  Also,  make sure you are around while she is chewing to check up on her.



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