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I have a cockapoo that is four months old.  The cutest thing about her is her big beautiful eyes.  she has dark eye lids that go around her eyes making them look big and beautiful.  I had my sons dog over the weekend and the dog bit my pup in the lower eye lid over a treat.  I took immediately to the vet and have antibiotic suave.  However, now i notice that her black lower eye lid which i adored is gone and it is pink where she got bit.  Will this stay scarred forever and her black eye lid never come back.  Thank you for your opinion.


Hi Sue,

Nobody can tell you if the change of skin color will be permanent or not. My guess is for you not to worry, as the skin heals it will may well revert back to it's normal pigment. It may take some time though.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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