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Hi . . I'm very worried bout my pitbull puppy his about 5mnths old and has no appetite at all and loosing weight very fast . . He vommits and isn't his hyper self anymore . . His on treatment at the local vet and they give me a diet of boil chicken and rice but he stil show no interest in anythng that's present . . I'm giving him glucose water but I cn imgne he cnt go by just drinking water . . . Do u have any advice of how I cn make him eat because its been 3days nw since he ate :-( pls pls pls help

Hi Shaun,

Sorry to hear you are having problems getting your pup to eat.

You didn't mention what kind of treatment he is on. Or what the vets are giving him for this problem.

He really needs to stop the vomiting before he will eat right. Did the vet give you something to help his upset stomach? If so, make sure you are giving him the right dose.

If they gave him any prescription, he may be having a side effect from that. I would call your vet and tell them that he is still not eating and loosing weight.

This is important that he stops the vomiting first, call your vet and tell them that he is still vomiting.

The boiled chicken and rice is a standard diet for dogs vomiting but they usually mention that you must stop the vomiting first and wait at least 24 hours after the last episode before trying to feed.

If he is hurting inside or outside, they will typically not eat as well. Did they give him any pain medicine? If not, you may ask for some.

The purpose of the bland diet is to be easy on the stomach. You can try other things that may be easy on the stomach.

I've used human baby food to entice dogs to eat something. I've used gravy or beef broth on there foods. You can keep trying different things like these to get him to eat.

Many dogs with upset stomachs will eat cottage cheese as they really like it. Cottage cheese will also help bind things in the stomach.

You can try lunch meats or canned fish products.

Many pet food stores have powders or pure freeze dried meats that you can sprinkle on his food.

Again, the biggest thing right now is to stop the vomiting. I've used a very good tincture for this as well. It's from Animal Essentials and it's called Phytomucil Tincture Blend.

I've used this on our dogs and others who've had upset stomachs and it usually works within an hour or so.

It still depends on what's going on inside him. Don't stop until you have all the answers you need to make the right call.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions or want to add anything, please feel free to respond back to this email.



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