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My Yorkie is a beautiful silver color. His fur is silky and soft. Like human hair. I noticed today that his right shoulder was darker so I examined it closer and it is a completely different texture and color. It's dark brown and black, it's also shorter. It's traveling up his shoulder. I'm seeing the vet on Thursday but should I be concerned?
I recently heard that there are a lot of problems stemming from the Beneful products. So I quit giving it to him this past weekend. Normally I bake fresh chicken for him daily and mix it with this dry food. It seems to be the only thing he will eat. Now I'm afraid there is something wrong with him.


Hi Lynda,

It seems that your dog may have vaccinosis.  I would recommend avoiding all vaccinations from now on and just having titer readings done.  You will need a waiver from a vet to avoid the rabies vaccine.  Perhaps making an appointment with a holistic vet would be helpful at this point.  If your dog's reaction was so dramatic from a vaccination the next could be even more so, if not fatal.  Keep an eye on that particular spot for any changes that might indicate cancer over the years.

So sorry this happened.

Shelley Davis

Hi Lynda,

Thank you for writing to me about your Yorkie.  It's not clear how old he is but from the chat at a Yorkie site it seems that some Yorkies have changing fur color.  I would encourage you to go back to chicken for your dog's menu, instead of dog food.  There are just too many recalls these days.  Add in some organ meat (chicken livers, hearts) because dogs need this..also calcium, digestive enzyme and probiotic.  I would also include some canned pumpkin for fiber.  

When you see your vet ask him about doing a thyroid test.  A thyroid that is not exactly in the center (not low normal or high normal but absolute center) can cause number skin issues.  You might also want to do a liver test.

Unless you see other signs, this doesn't appear to be an emergency but if something changes, definitely call your vet for an emergency appointment.

Best Regards,
Shelley Davis

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