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QUESTION: I read the post about giving Thuja and/or Calcarea Carbonica for dog warts.  It said to give one pill and wait for results in 2 weeks.  Not sure if that was one pill per day or just one pill.  My Cockapoo has so many warts on her body.  We have had many removed but they continue to grow back.  Her immune system has definitely been compromised.  She has had terrible allergies. Was on steroids and allergy shots for years.  Since I have had her (5 Months) we have switched her to a grain free diet  and given her Nu Vet supplements and she has stopped chewing herself and her coat is beautiful.  However, when the Spring started her seasonal allergies flared up and she is itching and chewing again.  Unfortunately had to put her on a low dose steroid and benadryl. Her warts seem to be growing back and bother her.  I read about the Thuja and Calcarea Carbonica, but need specific dosage instructions.....Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Diane,

I'm afraid I've had no experience with Thuja or Calcarea Carbonica. But here is a website where they talk about it and show dosage:

And here is a site for Calcarea Carbonica. This is from Dr. Pitcairn's information and book, we have and love his book for all kinds of natural help for dogs:

My best advice would be to seek the help of a holistic vet if there is one in your area. These guys are highly trained in healing with supplements and food. Check your local listings or ask in the place where you get your natural dog food if there is a holistic vet in your area.

It's great that you switched her to a grain free diet. You didn't mention if that was dry or canned or combination.

It's very important for a dog to eat a high moisture diet. If they are on dry or mostly dry diet, they will live in a mild state of dehydration. That's hard on there internal organs and immune system.

You may also want to look into a raw food diet for her. This is by far the best diet for any dog. This is there natural diet and what allows them to thrive the way nature intended them to do. The holistic vets are all pro for raw food diets.

We feed exclusively raw food to our dogs and cats and have for years. They are all very healthy and have strong immune systems.

It's when we go against nature and feed our dogs too much cooked foods is when they start developing allergies, cancers, arthritis, obesity and so on.

There are commercially made raw food diets that are complete with bone and organ meat ground up into it. They come in little nuggets, patties, chubs, bars and are frozen. You just thaw some out and put in her bowl at feeding time. It's very easy and the best thing for her.

If you cannot or do not want to feed raw then you must supplement with enzymes and probiotics. The lack of these in dogs diets is what causes a weak immune system and then leads to many other health issues.

Raw foods have these naturally but when you cook food, you destroy these vital nutrients. When these are missing, the diet is incomplete.

You can purchase enzymes and probiotics in most pet food stores or your local health food store. Animal Essentials makes a good one we use. It contains both enzymes and probiotics in one powder. You just sprinkle some on each meal.

This is the number one thing anyone can do for their dog or cat. It will lead to a much stronger immune system.

For her seasonal allergies, we've had tremendous success with introducing local bee pollen into a dogs diet.

You have to get a local source with the local pollens. You start by giving her one little pollen seed per day. After a day or two, add another. Slowly build up to giving her a 1/4 teaspoon per 25 pounds of dog a day.

This works great for dogs and humans as well. You really need to start giving her some before the allergy season but as soon as you can, the better. There are some terrific nutrients in bee pollen as well to help her immune system.

I hope this all helps you some and should you need more information or help, just respond back.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much Roger. This has been extremely helpful.  We have her on the Instinct grain free diet wet and dry combination.  I have considered a raw diet, but not sure if there is a transition period or how to do it so as to cause as little stress to her digestive system as possible.  Any help you can give would be welcomed.  
I certainly appreciate the bee pollen suggestion, and will look into it in my area.

I really want to get her off of these steroids and antihistamines.  Poor thing has had a compromised immune system for a long time, but we are seeing results and am willing to do whatever I can to make her latter years happy and healthy. Lacey is 12 years old and weighs 20 lbs.


Hi Diane,

Instinct is a very good food, we sell it in our store. This is one of the few dry foods that actually coat the kibble in a "bio coating" or an enzyme and probiotic coating. So she is getting some of them in her diet.

Some dogs, especially older ones have compromised immune systems and need a therapeutic dose of probiotics to aid their digestion.

It sure will not hurt anything so if it were me, I would be getting additional probiotics and adding therapeutic doses daily. That will strengthen her digestive system and that IS the heart of the immune system.

Instinct also makes raw foods for dogs. We sell it in our store and recommend it to people who have dogs with compromised immune systems. The reason is that they use a High Pressure Pasteurization processing system on their foods. They started this a while back after having some high count bacteria problems. They are a national distributorship so handling is tricky. So they did this to kill ALL bacteria on their foods rendering it harmless.

So transitioning to this food is very easy. Just start with a single 1oz medallion (they have medallions, 8oz patties and 2lb chubs) and replace it with the same amount of wet food. After a day or two, add two medallions and replace the wet foods. Build this up over a week or two until her whole diet or at least one meal a day is replaced with raw.

This will aid her immune system and give her additional moisture in her diet. The more, the better. We stopped feeding dry to our dogs as it just don't have any real nutritional value to it. But it can be a part of a diet, it just should only be a small part.

So I would still add more enzymes and probiotics to her diet, that will just help her that much more. Even though we feed raw, we still add these. This digestive enzymes help everything.

You really need to get her off the steroids as they will just make her worse in the long run.

The bee pollen does work very well, one of our employees had seasonal allergies and started taking the bee pollen and was able to get off her medication.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



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