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Hi mam,
I have mailed you earlier ... I have a male and female spitz ... Male is around 4 years old and female is 2 and a half years old ...

My male dog had only one testicle that was dropped ... Last year in February he mated with a female spitz ( not mine ) and she had a litter of 5 healthy pups ... We mated him again in June 2012 with another female ... In December, I noticed that even that 1 testes has disappeared and once when I examined, I could feel a very small testes and during another examination, I noticed that he had no testes ( it was flat ) and another time I could feel some kind of ruptured fluid ... My vet was not in station and hence I postponed taking him to the vet ..

During this time, my female dog came into heat ( in December 2012 ) ... I have mailed you many times about it ... She deliverd a singleton on Jan 31st 2013 and the pup died 3 days after that ...
During this heat period of her's ( in december 2012 ) , my male dog only used to lick her vagina and rub her ... He never mounted her, so I had to arrange for another male dog for the mating ...

My female dog came into heat again on April 25th 2013 ( 3 months after her pup died ) ... She comes into heat every 4 months ... I did not want to mate her this time, so I never arranged for another male dog ... As my male dog cannot mate ( as in the previous heat cycle ), I left her with him ... Yesterday he licked her back and just mounted her once and then got down and went away ... Believing that, I left her with him today ... After an hour, I heard her bark in pain and when I went running, I saw them both in a tie ... OH MY GOD !!!!

I examined him and he has no testes ( it feels like some disintegrated fluid ) ... Im taking my male dog to the vet day after t'rrow, but as I am really perturbed, thought of asking you certain questions ...

1) As he has no testes, could he be producing sperms that could impregnate my female ??? Could the mating have been just a stray act ???

2) Could he have passed on any infection to her ???

I am so so worried about both the dogs ...


I don't recall any writings about your male having one testicle, only about your female.  Your dog probably has two testicles they are up in his abdomen and that is a very dangerous thing since it can cause cancer later on.  So yes he can reproduce.  He should be seen by a vet and that should be taken care of.  If you don't want puppies you can spay her or have a litter then spay her.  I doubt he has an infection since he has sired healthy litters.


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