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Hi, I have a 2 year old pomeranian.  We took her to vet today and he said pinched nerve in her back. 14-21 days to heal no jumping, running, basically bed rest for her or she will have to have surgery or could possibly die.  I'm reaching out for advice.  Is there anything else that you know of we could do for our lil girl?  We are home on weekends so we do nothing but sit with her and take her outside to potty, however when she goes outside sometimes she runs and jumps and I am panicking and during the week when we work we are going to lock her in bathroom so she can't jump up on anything, I am just so scared for her.. from research on internet this is not common in pomeranians.....

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for writing to me.  So sorry about your little Pom having a pinched nerve.  I would suggest taking her for acupuncture.  I do believe it could be very helpful.  You can also use some ginger capsules for the inflamation.  I'm assuming that you walk her with a harness as all small dogs should be walked (the neck area is very sensitive and can be damaged if the dog pulls on the leash).

Chiropratic along with acupuncture can prove to be helpful.

You can also try locating a vet that does laser treatments which can help with the pain and inflamation.  Try calling the office of Dr Jill Elliot for a referral to a local vet.  Here is an article on it:

When you are walking your dog just be very careful to hold the leash fairly tight so that your dog doesn't get a chance to run or jump.

Wishing a speedy recovery for your munchkin!

Shelley Davis

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