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Dogs/My 5 yr old dog has bumps on his snout


I recently just found some bumps on my dogs snout and I'm freaking out right now! He doesn't seem bothered by them and his breathing seems normal. He's kind of overweight so usually you can hear him breathing. I don't know what to do??


Thank you for the question  ,

I will need a little more info . Color of the bumps, are they tender if you touch them ?  oozing any liquid ?It might be  bacteria, i am still checking out some more idea's. Since i do not have all the information  ( i will be happy to look for you if you supply me with..breed, color,, color of nose color of bumps). This is a great question  and i will be happy to answer  it for you.

As always we do are best for you but you can always contact your vet if you have ANY concerns. I look forward to your reply



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