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My dog is about 9 months old and she hasnt had her shots ever since she was little.She hasnt been eating for 2 and half days.We took her to the vet and they didnt know what was wrong with herthey just gave her two shots so she would want to eat.She has been throwing up she only drank twice ever since and she hasnt aten does anybody know what might be wrong with her?

Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for writing to me.    Your dog is VERY sick...when a dog stops eating it is a sign that the dog is extremely ill.  The length of time your dog hasn't eaten is saying that whatever it is, it hasn't been resolved.  You need to bring your dog to an emergency room NOW!  Immediately.  She's dehydrated for starters.  Get some gatorade, no flavor and take an eye dropper or medicine dropper and make sure she gets the fluid.  She truly has to be seen by another vet or the same vet but insist that you will not take her home until they help her.  She may have to be put on intravenous fluids to help her rehydrate.  Please bring her immediately or she may die.  I'm sorry to have to write this to you but this is what could happen.  First get some gatorade into her!

Just wondering if they have ever checked for worms/parasites/giaria or tick diseases?  Tell them to check for Parvo as well.

Wishing for a fast recovery.

Shelley Davis


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