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I have a 10 week old french bulldog who cant stop itchy her hind legs.  Im not seeing fleas and we did a dose of Advantix already (although avoiding that again bc of a bad reaction) wondering if there is anything safe natural to use to help relieve the itching?  She seems to be very sensitive to medicines so trying to avoid any harsh products.

Thank you!

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the . It sounds like  a "hot spot"  The technical term for hot spots is moist pyotraumatic dermatitis.Feel  to look this up. It can come from a flea, tick or other bug bite and could be a really small bite that you cant see. I have used bitter apple for hot spots. you can buy it at any pet/pup shop.It is a all natural real apple (bitter apple) It is used as a deterrent or you can go to a pet shop and get a plastic cone collar, You will want to keep the area clean so use a mild disinfectant 3 or 4 times a day.

 Your vet will also have some ideas on a hot spot so you might wanna give him/her a call and just touch base and explain that your pup has a hot spot and let em know how you are treating it. Sometimes they will order a antibiotic.   

Hot  spots will sure drive a dog crazy. They will chew that spot until it bleeds and then chew.  
it more. The bitter apple come in a white spray bottle with a yellow and green label. It  also works well if your pup starts chewing on something that she should not chew on. ;-)  

Let me know how everything turns out. Enjoy your new baby and feel  to ask any questions.



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