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we rescued a shin sue and lasopsa mix 2 yrs ago and we've tried many things but we can't get pollo to stop peeing when we're gone. Doesn't matter how long we're gone, started with a cage (he was 2 when we got him) he was a mess when we got back he had done everything in the cage then rolled around in it. We kept trying this with same results..then we went to pads  some time he hit the pad and some times not.after months of this we started penning him in utility room well we had messes all over. The only thing we haven't done is 1 on 1 training money being an issue.we'love the dog and he's given us much pleasure but we both have health issues and cleaning up is getting to take a toll on us both. Any suggestions? Also we have a loose loop carpet and I can't get all of the stains out I used about all products I can find do you know of any products I can try

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Well it sounds like he is not getting the messages you have been giving.  Since this is when you leave him, I would try the male wraps that go around the belly.  It reduces cleaning at the least and they don't like feeling the wet so sometimes it stops them.  I know they get them off so I use a pair of children suspenders to secure them.  You must cross the two sided suspender on the bottom (underneath) and have the one stretchy part on his back.  You can also use a harness and Velcro to attach it to the wrap.  Go to or and put in dog diapers and you will see the ones for the male dogs.  Amazon also has disposables, but they come off easier than the cloth ones

For cleaning:
There are a couple of products that work well.  is an excellent product and is guaranteed.
But I would try Urine Be Gone first from Bed Bath and Beyond first since it is easier to get.  If that doesn't work the Scoe10x will.  Neither one will hurt the color on your rugs I have used both.


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