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Dogs/socializing 3ish year old catahoula


I have owned Remy a catahoula leopard/Australian shepard mix for just over a year now. When I got him from a shelter he had no manners whatsoever. I have worked very hard with him and he has come a long way. That being said, he is a very stubborn, unruly dog who tests my patience to the core every day. He is most often not dog friendly, to the point that he has bitten me.  I started out with the pinch collar but found this was making it worse.  I use the gentle leader and am very firm with him. My question is this, sometimes he is still a jerk with other dogs, is this a dominance thing or is it me not having control of the situation?Letting him dominate me through his behavior with other dogs?
Any suggestions, not fussy on the dog park thing, tried when I first got him but he started getting too bossy.
Very frustrated.
Yours truly,
Jackie in Canada


Hi And what a great  at a great time. I have a 7 year old golden mix. We got him a few months ago ...The people that had him did not want him anymore,he is a really nice dog and does well at the groomers but not with the other dogs in our condo's Just last night he almost got into a fight with another golden so i kinda know what your feeling. I have not heard too many good things about the pinch collars, i believe in the mellow mild  form of training. My dog is submissive with us but around other dogs he wants to be the alpha.

  With your lil buddy getting to the point of biting you makes it tough. You might have to try a muzzle around other dogs and see if he will  get used to being around them. I am buying one today for my dog,last night he snapped at our neighbor's dog  and around us he is very docile. You can also try some treats in hand when and if he plays nice around another dog.

An adult dog has the IQ of a 3 year old child and they can understand 300 words so dont forget to tell them that if they are good they will get a yummy from you. My son is a groomer and he always keeps treats handy for a fussy dog.

I am not a big fan of the muzzle but when it comes to our dog biting us another person or another dog its a good idea to at least give it a short term try.  I hope this helps you out.

Please let me know.  ;-)



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