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pongo in the kitchen
pongo in the kitchen  
how big will my blue heeler/lab-greatdane mix dog will be? he's 19" at shoulder and around 5x pounds and has a lean built, with great dane ears and a lab body type, he's also merle. Can i get some type of opinion on my dog?


Congrats on your new buddy ;-)

It's not easy  to tell what size a dog will turn out to. At best we can take a guess. BIG is my guess. Around 110#s Would be just a guess. I wish i could give you a better idea or a more definitive . I can see the lab in him but he has the great dane feet.

  Make sure you feed him a natural dog food(stay away from the box stores) If he is a picky eater you can give him a spoon or 2 of can food to add to the dry for flavor.

You have a really sharp looking dog. I'm sorry i could not be more direct with my reply. When we have  a dog with a few breeds its just a guess. Stay away from rawhide,you can give him pigs ears or bully sticks.

Enjoy your new baby and thank you for the



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