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I have three dogs. Two 4 year old terriers that are totall bonded with me more than my mum and brother, and a ten month old puppy.

I train, walk, play with,, feed, groom, etc all the dogs myself. Sometimes I go to bed earlier so my mum puts him in his crate but that's all. When I go upstairs, she tells me that he will sit on the cushion on the other end of her couch.

The puppy is a show dog that I prepare and handle myself. I take him for walks separate from the other two dogs.

My problem is that I am not sure if the puppy is bonding to my mum more than me? We got him at almost six months old.

Am I just being paranoid? Is it just too early?

I think that I am used to unquestionable devotion from the terriers so I'm not sure how to deal with this puppy, who isn't a lap dog but will sit/lay by your chair.

This is really troubling me as he is meant to be my dog, it was my research and asking for a whole year that got him, and my name is on his contract.

Do you think that he will just grow to be more attached to me ?

Thank you.

I wouldn't worry about this too much as the dog will always be yours... but, frankly, some dogs do bond to some people "just because".

I also have always been the one who fed, walked, played with, groomed, etc. the dogs here, and over the years, two became more attached to my husband than me. The first one would raise a huge fuss over my husband when he came back into the house after taking out the garbage... you would think that he had been gone for two weeks rather than ten minutes! The second one sleeps with my husband at night or during his naps, and I named her DD, for "Dad's Dog". It was never his intention to have all these dogs over the years, but he tolerated my wishes. These special dogs who attached themselves to him helped to draw him more into my hobby, and now that he is away from home temporarily for medical reasons, the dogs are one of the first things he asks about. He misses them more than he would ever have admitted before.

My daughter has also "stolen" a few of my dogs over the years. She does agility, and has picked some to work with who ultimately became *her* dogs. One even left my bed for HERS (that one hurt)! It is hard for me to complain about this as she ends up putting more titles on the dogs than I ever could, and the dogs do SO enjoy doing this with her.

Think of it this way. We all have our special friends, for one reason or another, and it is never anything that we MAKE happen... it just does, for whatever reason. It is the same with dogs. We cannot tell them who to like... any more than we can do that for ourselves. Be happy that one of your dogs may be drawing your mother closer to something that you obviously love; it will make pursuing your interests easier over the years if your mother is involved... even if it is nothing more than her enjoying the company of one of your dogs who is there simply because of what you enjoy doing with those dogs.  


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