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I have always brushed my almost 11 year old dog since she was a puppy but she still developed ginivitis and recently had to have 11 teeth pulled when she went to the vet for a professional cleaning.I am trying my best now to protect the remaining teeth she has left.I clean them with gauze using a natural dog toothpaste and also brush them.Then I also use petzlife oral care gel.I was wondering if maybe I should use the solutions you put in their water too like Be fresh dental care solution from 1 800 pet meds?Are these solutions safe for them as I am concerned that I don,t use anything with harmful ingredients that would harm her health.Do you have any other suggestions on how I can care for my older dogs teeth?She just had bloodwork done and is very healthy otherwise and now her remaining teeth are looking good.But the stuff you put in their water has cloride dioxide in it and I am concerned if that would be safe?


Thanks for writing to me about your dog's dental issues.  You certainly seem to have taken good care of her.  Sometimes no matter what we do, genetics gets the upper hand.  My concern is about the food you are giving to her.  Many people think that kibble helps clean the teeth when the truth is that it is actually detrimental to the welfare of oral health.  What is much better is a real food diet which includes raw bones to gnaw on.  That is how wolves keep their teeth so healthy in the wild.  Of course they are eating a totally raw food diet which includes chewing on the bones of their prey but giving a raw marrow bone to a dog is also quite helpful.  

A diet free of grains is also helpful.  I recommend foods like ZiwiPeak for dogs or at least a grain free food.  You can also try adding a pinch of apple cider vinegar to your dogs water.

The ACV should help with control of tooth decay and gum disease.  Use it exactly as directed.

I also add a product into the food called, Plaque Off.

Keep up the good work!

Shelley Davis

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