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QUESTION: I have a 1 year old Razor Edge American Bull dog and she had puppies 7 months ago and she still has not went back into heat.What would cause her to that?

ANSWER: Tammy,

Several reasons

She was bred too young and has a vitamin and mineral depletion.

She has not recovered from the pups she already had.

Her system has changed and she will come into heat once a year now as the wild dogs do.

She may not have enough calcium due to being bred so young and it is causing lack of growth.

She has an infection. Check for a discharge if she has any, you need to rush to vet.

Those are causes for a dog not going into heat.   Give her a good vitamin mineral supplement and give her some cottage cheese to replenish the calcium.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: If a male has been breed and it is first time would it take?

Again, many "ifs"

if he is fertile, it should take

if you bred him on a day when she is fertile,  it should take

if he is healthy, it should take

if he is not over bred thus weakening the sperm count, he should take.

if he "ties" with her properly, it should take

All of these things must be in line for it to take.



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