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QUESTION: Yesterday we got a male long hair chihuahua 1 year old.  He is going to fixed at the beginning of next month.  We also have a female pom that is not fixed, she has finished her heat about 2 years ago.  My problem is that since our new male arrived he whines all the time, he seems ok physically. He follows our female and whines, and then he will just go from room to room whining and is also whining all hours of the night.  Its like I can't get him to relax.  I think he will be better after he gets fixed, but what do I need to do until then?

ANSWER: Hi Kristine,


You are not alone with this "problem" This is a pretty typical thing that some dogs like to do. There are a few things you can try. If you see he is getting ready to whine grab a treat and give it to him. A greenie or a piece of bully stick but no rawhide. Another thing you can try is if you see him getting ready to whine, snap your finger and clap your hands 1 time and see if this will stop him. If it only stops it for a few moments and then you try a treat. It might me enough to get him to stop the whining if he knows he is going to get a treat.

 Prior to living with you was there another  dog at his last owners house ? You could also take him to your vet and get him a check up just to rule out any health issues.

I will do a little more research and see if i can come up with anything else and send another reply later today. Thank you for your question.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my question. He's still really skittesh so he's not eating treats, he sniffs and walks away. But he will stop if I clap, so I'm guessing I will try that for awhile.

I am glad the hand clap is working for you. This also might just be the whole "New place new people stuff"  Lets hope he starts to come around real soon.   I am still looking into a few more things and if i find anything new i will send it out.

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