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I have a 6 lb Yorkie that is a rescue, we've had her about a year, and the vet thinks she's about 3 years old - when I take her to get her nails trimmed it's EXTREMELY traumatic for her.  they have to put a muzzle on and she jerks around, and tries to bark and bite, which is not like her at all - she NEEDS to have her nails trimmed about once a month, but it's SO traumatic that I hesitate to bring her, how can I make this situation better?

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This is a common problem. My son is a groomer and he comes across dogs like this a couple times a week. What you can do at home is sit with her and take a paw in hand get a nail use a nail clipper (do not clip) try to get her used to the feeling of having her paws touched and if she lets you do it to 1 paw...give her a treat and praise her. You can do this a time or 2 when you can and get her used to the feeling.

I am a manager of a pet shop and we sell pups and i do most of the nail clipping on the pups and dont have too many problems but we also clip nails ( i did a pet rabbit...tough nails) I have had a few dogs that we had to muzzle and this is the info i gave to the folks. Thank you so much for taking a rescue dog. The dog on my profile is Buddy and he is a rescue from a family that did not care for him properly. You can also try walking her on the sidewalk...this will help to take the nails down a little. Please let me know if this works out for you. I will research some more idea's also. I hope this helps you ;-)



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