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Dogs/Size of crate for potty training for 8 weeks old male GSD


I am going to buy a 8 weeks old male geram shepherd dog so could you please tell me the
Size of crate for potty training for 8 weeks old male GSD ?
so that i can train the pup quickly and to avoid mess inside house...

Hi Anand,

Thank you for the question.

Crate training is the easiest way to train your pup. You will need a crate that is big enough for your pup to stand up and turn around. Let me tell you a little about crate training. Its the best way to train your pup but it also will take some time. The crate is not there for the pup to stay in and not go the bathroom inside. Dogs are very clean animals and they will not "live" in the same place they take a poop or pee. Inside the crate there should only be a water bottle (like the kind you would use for a hamster but much bigger a chew toy (no rawhide ever) and thats it. If you put a blanket or towel the dog will do its business and then cover it up with the towel or blanket and be OK with living there. The training starts when the pup goes to the bathroom in the crate and then has to lay in it. It's a little bit of cleaning for you but this is the fastest and easiest way for them to learn. After a few times the pup will not like to live like that...again  he is clean and likes to live that way. This is when he will start to hold it in. Try it at first for a short time and if he goes to the bathroom outside make sure you have a yummy treat for him and give him lots of praise IE:  good boy here is a treat. This is when the thought process starts to go to work in his head and as you go along have him spend more time in the crate. If he does go in the crate dont get angry at him just clean him up and let him know its ok...but no treat for that. When you are home have him in the crate but put the crate some place that he can not see you. He will most likely whine at first.

    This is not a cruel way to potty train him,its the fastest and easiest method. Make sure you get a crate with a divider. Your new pup will get big and get big fast so you can get a good size crate and block off a good amount of the space with the divider. Are you getting him from a breeder or a pup shop ? You can take him into most pup/pet shops and size him up for a crate. I would think a 36 might be a good fit right now but he will grow out of it so a 42 or 48 might be better. Just remember to use the divider. Don't give him too much room,if its too big he will make 1 corner his bathroom and the rest will be his bedroom.

      If you have a question about your pup feel free to e-mail me direct at   Enjoy your new family member. German Shepherds are a smart breed and he should pick up the crate training pretty fast. If you are getting your pup from a breeder then i would say they are a good breeder. We should never take a pup away from mom until they are 8 weeks old and this breeder is doing that so good for them. they are not in it just for the money. If it's a pet shop good for them too. Most shops offer a crate package if you buy a pup from them. You get the crate,food,wet/dry ,toys shampoo, leash,collar,brush, Make sure you feed him a good brand of food. Stay away from the box target k mark. Get your food from a pet/pup shop. Get a good all natural food. no corn or oats and make sure the first ingredient is a meat or fish. Feeding your dog alpo and stuff like that is like taking him to McDonalds every day.

OK thank you for your question. Crate training is the best way to go and i am glad you picked it ;-)    Enjoy your new baby and feel free to contact me any time.



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