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Dogs/diet and why he drops food all over


my dog is 18 mo old. i got him as a rescue dog at 5 mo of age. He is 9pd. He is a terrier mix.,his hair is thin, tan/white, approx 4in long. he looks like a Norfolk. anyway, he doesn't really like any kind of dog food. He will eat but picks thru it and leaves it all over the floor. do you have any suggestions about his what kind of food to give him and why he leaves his food everywhere?

Hi Carla,
Thanks for the question  ;-)

Are you feeding him just  dry food ? If you feed him dry food try adding a 1/2 can of wet(can) food.This will add flavor to the dry food.Canned does not have much in the way of vitamins or protein but it will make the dry taste better. I do this with my own dog who is also a rescue. Give this a try and let me know

If this is not the problem you are having please give me a little more info and i will send out a fast reply.



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