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I was thinking about pet vasectomy and tubal ligation because I hate the idea of a genderless pet but I also hate the idea of overpopulating pets so according to what I've read, vasectomy can be a bit dangerous for dogs as their scrotum (something) increases in size and makes it difficult for urination. But I think that female tubal ligation is safer. So please give me the pros and cons of this form of sterilization, thanks.


Great question,

Too many folks do not give this a thought. I am glad you did ;-) It is easier for the male to get "fixed" I have sat in on a bunch of these operations. They are very simple, very easy, and very fast. They just cut the area open and remove the sacks and pinch the skin together. They heal pretty fast with moderate pain  For the girls it is more of a operation. It is called a ovariohysterectomy There will be some swelling around the stitches and this is from a scroma, a building of fluid and is normal and it will take about a week to 10 days for her to fully recover. There will be a good deal of pain for her so the vet will prescribe pain meds and both will be on  antibiotics.

I can't think of any reason not to do it. I have a dog and we had him snipped and he is fine and i dont think of him  as genderless. I just think that we did the right thing by being responsible. I hope i answered your question. If you have any follow ups feel free and i will do my best. Take care and thank you for the great question



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