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QUESTION: Greetings, I am writing a concept identifying global variations to a basic pattern and I was hoping to see if the pattern is evident within global dog breads. The concept is summarised in a few pages and I was hoping you may be able to have a quick read and see if it applies to dog breads.
The concept is enlightening or at least a little amusing.
If you have a few minutes it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards Barry Sears

ANSWER: Where do I find this Quick Read?

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QUESTION: Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your response.
If you have an email address I could send the details through.
I would be most interested to see if the pattern applies to dog breads.
Kind regards Barry

ANSWER: Sorry Barry
we don't really give out our personal e-mail addresses.  I really don't know too much about the breads that dogs are eating.  I know that wheat is not particularly good for dogs and I believe it makes them gain weight.  I give my dogs rice as a filler, but dogs are basically carnivores and feeding meat brings them to their full potential.  A German Shepherd raised on beef is a lean mean working machine.  I know a breeder who raises police Shepherds and that is what he feeds, raw meat.  The dogs are absolutely beautiful.  Of course, he gives other stuff as well, vegetables and vitamins.


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QUESTION: Hello Nancy,

My avenue of questioning was about global dog breads and a pattern to the changing dynamics or features. I have a pattern in nature that I am asking different experts in different subjects to apply to their fields. This does require reading the concept first which is about 5 pages of writing with supporting pictures. If you could help it would be much appreciated. This would require an email address so if you cannot post your address would you know somebody who may be able to help.
Thank you for your time and responses.
Kind regards Barry Sears

Are you talking about food?   You may be able to give me your e-mail on here, I am not sure.  You keep talking about bread is there a type of bread you are using to feed your dogs? I am unfamiliar with this type of food.  Would you give me an example of a dog bread?  I have even asked my vet, and he hasn't heard of any type of bread that is fed globally to dogs.


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