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Sweetie Monster
Sweetie Monster  
QUESTION: hi this may be a strange question but i was wondering if you could tell me what my dog looked to be mixed with. When we got her the rescue guessed that she is a corgi/jack russel, chihuahua, and pit bull but i'm not sure.

ANSWER: First i have to give you a big THANK YOU for getting a rescue dog. You saved a life and she will always love you for that...I love the name ;-)

I try to break the dog into 4 places head/body/legs/tail. I see corgi ears,lab body corgi legs and a lab tail. That is just a good guess from 1 pic. I would think it is more Corgi than anything else. What a gorgeous face. That is what i see from this pic. Another thing i can see is she sure has a great temperament. She is in her house,she looks so happy. Good for you.

It was a great question and thank you so much for asking. I hope i helped ya a little


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hi again thanks for the quick response. I forgot to mention that her tail, when she walks, it curls up. She weights a hefty 35 pounds;). Oh and i was wondering about a odd behavior she has around our other dog (male shiba inu). She "herds" him into a corner of the house and waits till he sits, then she somehow gets her mouth inside the shibas mouth and is doing a low growl, no biting, just a low growl. We've asked dog trainers and they don't know what that is. At the vet they said it could be brain trauma from her abusive past 3-4 years ago Thank you and have a nice day thanks again:)


Corgie's are a herding breed and that would be the putting the shiba in the corner...They also make great baby sitters ;-). I even looked up putting her mouth in another dog's mouth and found nothing. I volunteer at a shelter and will ask the vet and maybe he will have a answer. If he does i will shoot a reply out to ya. Enjoy your new family member.



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