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Thank you for taking the time to read my question, and your response is appreciated.

I own a Rottweiler. She is pure bred, although admittedly she is definitely poorly bred. She is an adorable little girl!

My partner and I work full time and we own a chihuahua also, who is the spoiled baby of the family! Both my dogs go to my grandmothers house whil we are at work. They cannot be left together in ANY situation, as the Chi becomes angry and the rottweiler responds. Sorry, Chi's name is Opal and Rottweilers name is Tia.

Tia is 21 weeks old (limited training) Opal is 3 years old, trained well. Tia has been socialized continuously with other dogs and humans (loves them also)! She was trained well with toilet training, biting, come/sit etc. She has completely regressed to the point of not even being house broken!

She doesn't give pre-warning to peeing everywhere!! We remove her from the area immediately, take her to where she is supposed to potty and inform her of this. We do not at anytime hit her, as we don't believe this is the way to trian. We use honey and venom voices which seem to responding well to.

My concern is, she drinks at elast 5x bowls of water a day. She then urinates constantly, but in small puddles. Our funds are limited so getting all the tests for UTI's, panel bloods, Diabetes etc is out of the question.

What do you think the problem could be? Do you have advice on training, especially with Opal. Is there anything I could try regarding the incontinence if that what it is. Is it incontinence issues (as she can hold it during the night) it's only during the day she tinkles everywhere!


Hi Kara,

The most plausible cause to me would be a UTI. It could possibly be diabetes as well. Although not likely unless it is a genetic thing.

Sometimes peeing can be a behavioral thing but in this case, she is drinking so much water, it's not likely.

If it is a UTI, you will have to get her to the vet. This is an infection that needs to be treated.

You can contact one or more vets and tell them your financial situation. Some will have a payment plan and work with you on payments.

If it is an infection, then it's just going to get worse.

You may also talk to some breeders in the area. Many times they self medicate their dogs and may have a lower cost solution for you.

There are also rescue groups all over the world. Many have relationships with vets for low cost services. I know you are not fostering her but talking with them might provide a solution.

There is preventative measures you can take to prevent further UTI's but you have to deal with this one now.

You didn't mention what type of diet she is on. This is VERY important, especially with dogs that are more sensitive or prone to genetic type diseases.

If she is on a dry food diet or mostly dry, this will just cause further complications. Dogs don't do well on dry food diets. This is completely opposite of the way nature intended them to eat and thrive.

She needs to be on a high moisture diet that is high acidic. This means mostly meat diet. A raw food diet is great for preventing these types of issues. Premium grain free canned foods are good but you need to supplement with enzymes and probiotics. This is critical for the diet. Both dogs need these nutrients in their diet to help prevent further problems. It's the number one thing anyone can do for their dogs.

You can get enzymes and probiotics in a powder form that you just sprinkle on their food each meal.

The other supplement to help prevent UTI's is from cranberries. The main part of cranberries that support healthy urinary tract systems is D-Mannose. You can buy just strait D-Mannose and give her if this is the problem.

If you would like me to evaluate their diets, just respond back to this same question and let me know everything that is in their diet including the brand names. I can then help you make adjustments that will enable them to have a strong immune system to fight off future diseases.

I feel for your situation in regards to finances. But you have taken on an obligation of caring for these dogs and you need to do what you can with what you have.

I strongly feel that you must find a way to get her the test she needs. I don't think this is an incontinence thing. She is drinking too much water.

Of course feeding a dry food only diet will cause a dog to drink more water but it don't make them pee in spots during the day. This just sounds more like a UTI.

If you want to learn more about feeding a better diet for any budget, my wife and I did wright a book about this very subject. We have it available on Amazon in the Kindle format for just a few dollars. It contains a lot of good, basic information about proper feeding and a balanced diet. Included are things you can do for your dog on any budget.

Make some calls and see what you can do to get her in for test. Ask the vets how much it may be for these test and if they can take any payments.

Also call the groups I mentioned above and see if they can be of any help. But you need to do something very soon.

Respond back if you like about the diets and I will be happy to do what I can.



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