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Dogs/crate training?


Hi Gary!  

We have a 3 yr old Springer Spaniel that we adopted from an individual when she was about 1 yr old.  She was already crate trained and enjoyed her crate so we kept it up.  She sleeps there at night and goes in when we go out of the house (I'm a stay at home mom so she's not in the crate all day…just sporadically).  She doesn't cause trouble when she's home alone and out of her crate, we just put her in to stay with the routine.

We are now going to adopt an 11 month old Great Dane that has not been crate trained.  Should we get her a crate and train her?  Should we leave her out even while our first dog is crated?  Should we un-crate our first dog to make it even and "fair"?  We don't yet know how the new pup will act when alone but  for now we're wondering how to first approach the situation.

Any advice is much appreciated!


Thanks for the question...It's a good one ;-) Crate training is always the easiest way but with a 11 month old pup you will have to see how far along he is in his potty training.

One of the dogs will have to be the alpha and it most likely will be the one you have now. The best method to bring the new dog into your dogs life is to not bring him into the house. Let them meet down the street on a neutral place,they will sniff butts and they might even growl and thats OK. Tell your dog you are bringing him a friend. Springer Spaniels are very smart. Most dogs can understand about 300 words so he will know what you are saying to him. When they meet let him know its his dog and his friend.

 The great Dane will most likely follow in the footsteps of your dog and will probably want to sleep in a crate also.Good for you for adopting 2 dogs ;-) I wish you all the best.



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