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Dogs/German Shepherd killed a cat


We have a German Shepherd. He's about 4 years old. He was a stray we adopted when he was about 1 1/2.  He is fixed. We got a lab puppy a year ago and they are great friends. We also have a little 5 pound dog.  We have several cats outside. These are just cats that I feed so they obviously stick around. We have also made them some outside cat shelters. Our German Shepherd got one of the cats today and killed it.  I saw it and I couldn't get him off of the cat. Once I finally got my husbands attention, it was too late. I am just completely sick about this.  My husband says our dog was just being territorial and protecting his pack.  The German Shepherd is around our 5 lb dog all the time and our kids and has never been aggressive.  Should I be concerned and is there something I should do?  Also, I just can't get the image out of my mind.  It is literally making me sick. I let the dogs out to play in the snow so I feel completely responsible. My stomach is in knots and I feel like I am gong to be sick.

Hi,  I'm sorry that happened to you and the cat.  Some dogs never get along with cats.  I had a shepherd that would let cats and kittens climb all over him,  then I had another that would kill anything feline.

There are three ways to go:

One)  never let your dog get near the cats

Two)  Teach your dog to stay, and come immediately when called (so he stops in his tracks and comes to you)

Three)  go to a trainer who can teach him to leave cats alone.  This is usually done with a mild shock collar.

You can start with one and two and go to three if necessary.

You can also help the situation by correcting him with a sharp NO!! whenever he even GLANCES in the cat's direction, and take him away from the situation.  The best way to do this is on leash.

As far as the picture in your brain, it will never go away, but you will eventually be able to put it out of your mind for long periods at a time.   You will also be able to block it when you feel it coming on.

Oh I don't feel your dog is a danger to you or your children.  He went after what was a "critter" to him and he was being protective.  He didn't want anything that he was afraid of hurting his family.

good luck


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