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i accidentally closed the door on my yorkie's head/neck. He Cried and whimpered til I picked him up , then I began to rub his neck. he stop crying for a minute or so, until I put him down,  he can run and walk but crys a little . He is now resting,  my question is how can I comfort him and is he going to be OK?


Hi Odevia,

A dog doesn't have as long a memory as we humans do. Assuming there isn't an injury, your dog has probably forgotten the actual incident of door closing upon him, but he may feel some discomfort as you might feel if a door was shut on you.

Signs that your dog sustained an injury more serious than first thought, that would require a vet exam him would be:

A change in your dog's posture
Unable or unwilling to turn or raise his head
Yelps or moans when his neck or back is touched
Wobbly, lack of coordination, inability to walk properly or a problems with balance
Loss of appetite

If your dog seems to be in a little pain, it's okay to give him 1/2 of baby aspirin (the dose for an 8lb. dog). Give the baby aspirin with food, if he vomits, discontinue using the aspirin. You can give a dog aspirin every 8 hours if it's needed, but you may not have to give it to your dog more than once or twice.  Chances are he's going to be okay though. Should treatment be called for, getting prompt treatment is important.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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