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hi..the other day, our 4 dogs went out in the backyard, but when 3 came in we went looking. one of them was dead and i am thinking maybe he was given poison. he was laying in the position he was always in when he went to sleep. he was perfectly healthy and completely normal. what, i would like to ask, could kill a dog so fast, expect poison? thank you!


Hi James,

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I never received the message from AllExperts that a message was waiting for me.

I'm very sorry for the sudden loss of your dog. It's possible that he was poisoned, how fast he would have died would depend on the kind and amount of poison used. Something like antifreeze is common, and dogs like it's taste. As little as a teaspoon could kill a small dog.

It's all guesswork unless it's possible for your vet to do bloodwork on your deceased dog. If there are other pets in your area that have been dying suddenly and poisoning is suspected, it would be worth it to contact the police.

Again, my condolences,



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