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So I'm living in China right now, within a few hours of Shanghai. I just got a puppy the other day but I don't know if the info I have is accurate about the breed as it was somewhat vague and had a bit of a language barrier (he was hiding behind a potter dehydrated and terrified so I don't know all the info is accurate). I'm under the impression that he may be part collie/Aussie shepherd from what info I was provided but am not sure, I'm hoping you may be able to give me some insight into what this dog could possibly have in him. He is all black, very dark eyes, fluffy, medium length hair, and a curl in his tail, he also is somewhat stalky. The groomer thinks he's about 1.5 months old. Hopefully you can give me some additional insight or point me in the right direction, I've also attached a couple photos.



ANSWER: Hi Brandon,

Thank you for writing to me and also thank you for adopting this dog.  As you know the fate of dogs in China is not good, so this is one puppy that has been saved from a very bad fate thanks to you.

For some technical reason the photos will not open up for me so it's hard to give you my impression about the breed.  He's very young to have been separated from his litter.  The suggested time is 8 weeks.  That way, everything he needs to learn from his mother and the stages of development during that time are met.  I also want to suggest that without his baby vaccinations, it's dangerous to take him to groomers or to meet with other dogs.  I am not big on vaccinations as vets tend to over do it, but puppy shots are important.  Just don't give them all at one time or it's too much for the puppy's immune system and especially at such a young age.

There is a test you can have done that will tell you exactly what his heritage is.

I wish you the very best fortune with your sweet puppy.  Please be sure to read up on positive reinforcement training for dogs so your puppy will grow up to be the dog of your dreams.

Best Regards
Shelley Davis

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QUESTION: Hey Shelley,

Thanks a ton for the info, he will be going for his second shots this week!

Here's a couple links to a hosting site I had the pictured uploaded to if that may work, he only problem is I won't be able to do the DNA kit while I'm over here with all the mailing and such. I would definitely like to get that kit once I'm back in Canada though and find out for sure, thanks for all your insight.


Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the follow up to our first communication.  Your puppy is quite adorable!  At this young age it's difficult to tell what breed or number of mixed breeds he may be.  He definitely has a fluffy coat.  As he matures, his heritage will become more apparent. I would love to know what you find out when you run the kit.  Please stay in touch.

Shelley Davis

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