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Why people said that one year of dog`s life is equivalent to seven years of life of human being?

Hi Jesica....
That's a good question, had always wondered myself. I'll try to explain in short. The dept for disease control and prevention determined in 2007 the average life expectancy of a human in America was approx 77.5 years and that of a dog on the other hand is 7-15 years so the time frame was matched to enable the same expanse of time for life expectancy between man and mans best friend.
Seven years to one human year is not necessarily correct because dogs do age at  a different rate than 7 humans years in first few years of life  then slower than 7:1 as they get older as it all depends on how much growth hormone is produced and released in first few years of life.  So for instance  a basic calculation would be first 2 years of a dogs life would equal 21 human years and each dog year after would equal 4 human years.
Different breeds have different lifespans, smaller dogs live 1.5 years longer than large breeds, desexed dogs live longer than those not desexed, females live longer than males etc but overall the 1:7 year rule isn't quite correct. I'm afraid I don't know who or how it originally came about but it has never scientifically been agreed upon but seemed to stick amongst we laymen over the years. But it does all depend on what I've mentioned above and some,
If you look at breed and the dogs weight, health, sexual status,growth, gender and apply the 21 years then 4 human years per dog year you'll be a lot closer to his/her growth and maturity age in line with humans.
I hope this has helped somewhat as it's a kind of controversial issue as never quite been totally agreed upon with differing views in scientific world. My thoughts and care for your best friend like there's no tomorrow and give him THE BEST LIFE he deserves throughout his years and health status as he'll love and protect you for his entire life and give you unconditional loyalty and that' relationship is what counts.....not how old he is. Don't you think?

Thanks for asking....all the best


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