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QUESTION: 12 days back i have got a german sheperd pupy to my house he is 60 day old now i am somehow unabe to litter train him. I have a back yard and a front garden too. I have tried with treats when ever he litters outside i have also tried to punish him whenever he letters inside the house. i take him out very frequently like every hour or so, sometimes he goes out comes back and litter inside the house, its getting very frustrateing .

Kindly advice

ANSWER: Abhinav,

Thanks for the question,this is a simple fix for you. Take him out for his walk,if he does not go bring him in the house and then take him right back out. Most of the time it is the change in temperature that makes him go inside. Keep in mind that your dog is still a baby and should be treated like you would treat a baby. Punishing him will not teach him to go outside. You should also read up on crate training as this is the best way to train a pup.Do a search for crate training. Best of luck and feel free to ask additional questions.


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QUESTION: Dear Gary,

Thanks for the advice I am doing the same then also the puppy litters inside the house, there is a horrible smell in the house this has become a bone of contension between me and my wife in night i hav to sleep with the puppy in the other bedroom as my wife dose not like the bedroom to be soiled. yesterday night from 11 PM to 1 am i was taking him out every half an hour for littering in the fear that he should not litter inside the house & every time i took him out he pisses. it getting very frustrateing.

Kindly reply


I think its time to crate train your dog. You need a crate that is just big enough for him to lay down. No towels or blankets in the crate,just fresh water and a chew toy (no rawhide) Nylabone has flavored chew toys and they are perfect for training. The whole object to crate training is your dog will be in the crate and he will pee and poop in the crate. This is what you want. Dogs are VERY clean animals and will not live in a dirty cage and they will learn how to hold it in. It is a mess to clean up but you will just have to clean up the crate and him. He has to know that this is his house and you can put him in there anytime you are not playing with him.Let me know how it goee. Talk to you soon



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