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Dogs/Live worms came out in my dog's poop and he has some rashes?


The Rashes
The Rashes  
She is 15 months old and is a Labrador. So the last two times she pooped, live white-colored worms came out which were about 1 inch in size. The nearby clinic is closed for the weekend due to a festival going on here so I had decided to take her to the vet on Monday. But today while I was grooming her, I saw these rashes you can see in the pic below (she doesn't have rashes anywhere else). She has quite a history of skin infections (you can see those black marks near the rashes) and I've had to change her food a lot of times due to it. Currently she is on Royal Canine Maxi Junior and has been doing good eating that since 4-5 months. So there is a chance it might be a skin infection but can it be these worms and this skin condition is related? Her deworming is being done timely as per the schedule given by her vet and vaccination got delayed this time as I forgot about it, I know I am turning into a bad pet owner. :( So on Monday, 27th, she has also to get her DHLPPi shot which was due on 16th. She is acting all normally, playing, eating food properly, pooping etc. But she gets quite hyper active suddenly these days but I think this is due to the firecrackers they are bursting outside for Diwali as I told you. So what I am asking to you is do you think all these things are related? This sudden hyper activity, the rashes and the worms? Do you think I should take her to the emergency vet right now or should I wait till Monday? Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Shivangi
My apologies for the delay in my response but I had a death in the family and when I began my response I saved it but lost all I wrote twice!
This time I'll ensure I finish it and send!
Ok....skittish behaviour could well be the fireworks as majority of dogs,  especially young ones are made anxious by the sound.  Keep her secure and reassure her. She may also be uncomfortable with her tummy!
The worms definitely need treatment asap. Get a good all round wormer like drontal or canex and dose according to weight. Do it again in 2 weeks, and then again in 2 weeks. Check her poop and if no live ones then she's clear.  Then worm again in 3 mths ongoing. Younger dogs are prone to worms cause of the rubbish they pick up and eat so keep up the worming every 3 mths. Also ensure shes on heartworm tablets and flea treatment monthly. This will help keep her safe and healthy so less chance of getting infestations again.
Her skin has had a reaction to something.  Has she been anywhere different,  lay on grass, any new plants blossoms or such where she is? She's on a good quality dog food and thats not changed so must be something shes coming into contact with. It looks very red, hot and sore so please get her to the vet for allergy review before she scratches her skin raw and gets an infection. Short term cortisone is best to bring her allergy down but dont use for long periods without vet doing reg blood works as has bad side effects internally long term. U nay need a special wash to soothe skin as it drives them mad with itch, burning and heat. Follow vets advice if your confident with their service. If you don't think shes getting right care get 2nd opinion. Allergies are horrible for dogs to endure so get it under control with vets help. Its even more important shes flea free too as flea allergies are common so if you can confine to tummy its easier to treat.
Labs are full of energy until about 4-5 years old when they start to settle. Theyre very much food driven so spend time teaching her good behaviour with positive reinforcement and small treat. Give her plenty of good exercise love and boundaries and youll have a loyal loving family member for life.
Again I apologise for delay Ive never done that with any question but it was out of my control. I know my answer is late but still hope it helps.
Good luck and thanks for contacting me feel free to contact anytime as I wont be late again!
Take care.....LA


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