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Leigh=Anne:  My 1 year, 7 month golden retriever has a habit of getting up and grabbing a sponge off the counter.  Today, I was using a new sponge, and is disappeared.  Normally she would just tear it up, but this time I cannot find it.  So far she is eating treats and dinner is coming. Should I be concerned over her eating this sponge?  I'll take another look through the house, but it disappeared when I ran to to the store and she was in the kitchen while I was gone.  I don't want anything to happen to her as he has all four paws firmly planted on my heart, but this is the first I have known her to eat a whole sponge.  The previous sponge incidents have had cleaning material in them and she just ripped them up and I would come home and pick up the pieces.  This time I can't find it.  Can't loose my little girl.  What should I watch for?

Thank you so much.

P.S.  She's current on all shots, sentinel, and frontline.

Oh dear  Ed.... U must be beside yourself?  Retriever and lab breeds are so very good at helping themselves to things not belonging to them. Was it just a general kitchen sponge of normal size with no cleaning chemicals embedded or did it have scourer on one side sponge on other? Scourer side is a bit more of an issue.
I hope by the time my email comes thru you have found it  and it was just buried somewhere in the garden but if not then keep your senses about you and look out for the following signs and symptoms......
Lethargy , vomiting. Stops drinking or drinks excessively, Straining to use bowels and or not pooping at all, being off his food cos as u know they LOVE food, or eating normally then throwing up, if he behaves differently , and with this when worried we can over assess things but if he groans or whimpers, trembles, (and it's not cold) wants to exclude himself or the opposite sticks to u like glue wanting your attention and closeness more than normal,  his belly gets tight and or distended, he runs around like he's trying to get away from something...... The concern would be that the sponge swells in his tummy or intestine and causes a blockage so food doesn't pass and he can't poop and or he gets a twist. He could end up with some severe gastrointestinal problems that require surgery to remove the sponge. It's fixable if caught early but also run the risk of infections and other probs so it's vital if you see anything at all that concerns you, please head straight to your vet. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Check all his special hiding spots to see if he's "tucked it away somewhere" but only you know your boy 100% so if you're in doubt at all just go and get his tummy checked and an X-ray done just to ease your mind.
Then...... Buy yourself a container with a lid and air vents and put all your cleaning sponges in that and pop it in a cupboard out of the little devils way :-)
If u haven't got one or two already, get him a kong and smear the inside with some peanut butter and poke some dried liver treats, cheese, yoghurt, or dog biscuits inside for anytime cos it's fun, but give him one while you're cleaning so he's fully focused on something else. Give him a half marrow bone or an enrichment toy where he has to find the treats and 'think' about it, he'll soon get sick of boring old sponges! They are very smart dogs requiring mental and physical stimulation and challenge and the more u offer him the less he'll want sponges.
Good luck Ed, fingers crossed the sponge turns up and he's fine. Cheers LA


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