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Hi I'm looking for some advice thus is my bicons 1st litter of pups it's day 57 since she was tied with the dog, she has had temp starting at 100.01f and has dipped about 2hrs ago to 98.4f she has been off her food, scrambling at her blankets and slight panting lasting about 10 seconds a couple of times today. Is thus looking to her having these pups tonight it's 6.46pm in England now.
Any advice is appreciated
Thank you

Hi,  57 days is a little early.  I've only seen a boston go early one time when she had 9 pups in her. You may have counted wrong or you may not have counted from first breeding.  I would watch for waves of muscle  movement going down her back, these would be contractions.  Once these start, she should have the first puppy within 24 hours.  If not get her to a vet she may have a stuck puppy.  The other danger is if you see a dark discharge.  That is usually a dead puppy and she needs to get to Emergency vet right away.   If she is active and continues "nesting" and her temp stays around 100 and 98 she probably has another day or so to go.  She may be going through a false labor right now.  See if she starts eating again tomorrow.  BUT  recount your days from the first breeding starting with day one as the day you bred her first.  You sure she wasn't with a dog before that?
It is hard to wait and it never gets any easier.  


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