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my question is I have adopt a beagle pup 30 days old . and the temperature here is 22 degree c . I gave him stall is that ok for him or I should give him blanket.  plzz reply as soon as possible.

Thankyou :)

I'm so sorry, I never received your question in my inbox. I hope you've already found an answer, but if not then I'm here to help. If the puppy is only one month old, I'm concerned about why he is not with his litter. In addition to the mother helping to keep the puppies at appropriate warmth, a one month old puppy has feeding and cleaning requirements that are above what average new pet adopters are able to meet. In any case, at that age he will need a way to keep a little warmer. 22C (71F) is fine for an adult but a little chilly for a puppy. I advise against keeping him alone outdoors in any weather, as he will need too much attention (preferably from the mother dog) for that to be an appropriate environment for him. However, if you must keep him out in a stall for some reason, he will need a blanket. In addition to a blanket, he will need a heat source. You can add a heat lamp (check the reptile section at your local pet store) as long as it is mounted high enough that he can't reach it to chew it or burn himself, and make sure he can't access the electrical cord. Concentrate it in one area of the stall so the other side will stay cooler and he can move into/out of heat if he gets too hot or cold. Again, this advice is considering that your puppy was born a month ago. Once he's a little older (about 10 weeks) a blanket will suffice if the weather and temperature remained the same. i don't know where you're located, but with winter coming in many areas of the world, keep in mind that even older puppies and dogs will require some sort of heat or cozy shelter to keep warm. Good luck!


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