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Dogs/Nutrition for Panosteitis-Thanks in advance!


Hello Roger and thanks in advance for your time/help. My 1 year old German Shepherd just got diagnosed with Panosteitis, which showed up in his right rear leg. I was given an anti-inflammatory medication, but after researching it and seeing many horror stories about it I don't feel comfortable giving it to him. What is a supplement and/or food products I can give him that have anti-inflammatory properties? He has been eating "Taste of the Wild" "Pacific Stream Adult Formula" (Salmon/Sweet Potato/Whitefish based) as recommended by the vet earlier in his puppyhood due to allergies. Now after getting his diagnosis I've read on German Shepherd forums that this might have too much calcium and could have contributed to his problem. Can you offer any advice on what I should do? Thanks again!

Hi Autumn,

I haven't heard of this before so I did look it up. It does sound painful.

I can't ethically tell you to go off any prescription medications (but it is a good idea). But I can give you some ideas about other anti-inflammatory supplements.

The problem is that I don't know how bad the Panosteitis is and if the lessor potent anti-inflammatory supplements will be as effective. Typically prescriptions are much more potent than supplements but therein is the problem with most of them.

The diet is a big thing. The Taste Of The Wild is a good grain free food. You didn't mention if it was the dry food or canned food or both as it does make a difference. The calcium should be rated in any commercial foods and typically lacking in most so it's hard for me to believe that to be the case.

In our opinion, dry foods offer very little nutritional value. Even the best dry food in the world is the worst diet for any dog. It can be a part of there diet if it is a budget thing. But if you don't have to feed dry, I wouldn't.

The raw food diet is the best in the world for any dog. Especially ones that are fighting ailments. This diet provides them a high moisture diet along with the "live" nutrients they need to make their diets balanced.

No dry or canned foods will be balanced because they are missing certain "live" co-factors. The two biggest ones are the enzymes and probiotics.

These two nutrients are the number one supplement you can give to your pet. They thrive in a raw food or "live" food diet but are destroyed when cooked. So there's the problem with cooked dry or cooked can foods.

A raw food diet that is "balanced" will provide good anti-inflammatory properties. Mother nature designed our dogs to eat this type of diet and thrive. She did not ever intend for them to eat a cooked food diet. This is why so many dogs are having so many ailments and allergies. It weakens their immune systems.

If this diet sounds like something you are interested in, you can write back and we can discuss it further.

A very good natural anti-inflammatory supplement is one called serapeptase. I use this myself and it is very good for dogs. It's one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements. You can get it for people at almost any health store or on the internet. I like Doctors Best for myself and you can give these to your pet.

If you want to find out more about this supplement and pets, visit and you can learn more there. You can buy there product or just get the same potency for humans version. It's all the same.

Other good anti-inflammatory supplements are ones like turmeric (curcumin), fish oils, most green powder supplements like spirulina and wheat grass.

I'm fairly confident that using some of these will provide the anti-inflammatory properties your dog needs instead of using the prescriptions. You would probably just have to start with one or more of these items and reduce the prescription as you go. Once your all the way off, you will just have to judge for yourself as to its effectiveness.

The benefits of using these natural products is that they help the whole body as well.

Always follow up with your vet for checkups.

If you want a more in depth look and backing on this, I would seek out a holistic vet in your area and take him to them.

They can take a close look all over him and see what your regular vet has prescribed and I'm sure give you alternatives.  

We love our vets for what they do and that is the medical side of things. But when it comes to nutrition and alternatives to prescriptions, they are just not trained in this. The holistic vets are.

So those are some suggestions to think about and try if you would like.

Like I said, if you want to talk about transitioning to a raw food diet, write me back and I can help you with the transition.

It would be the best thing you can do for him for a long, healthy life.

Either way, good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.



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