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.A stray dog used to bark at the locals in the street. However each time whenever the person who is barked at, approached the dog, it would run away cowardly.
a.Why does the dog keeps on  barking in a threatening manner whereas it is actually afraid of the locals?
b.Is it true in the saying "The dog that barks doesn’t bite" ? If it is true,why is it so?

c.Do stray dogs ever bite people or only trained “security” dogs bite?

He is scared but wants to make friends it would just take some time and some treats. The last time a dog bit me was in 1969...My son is a dog groomer and he got bit about a week ago. Some dogs bite because they are mean dogs but most bite when they are scared. If you do get the chance to pet him put your hand out and make a fist and let him smell hand and he might bite. All dogs can bite and stray dogs will bite more because they are afraid. Thank you for the question



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