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Dogs/things that i thought was just dirt.. bleed when i sprayed Windex on them..


Does anyone have an idea what these things are?? They are very tiny like poppy seeds. I couldn't tell if they were moving or not.. but when I sprayed a bug that was being a pest with Windex these things I thought was just dirt was pouring out blood...It's freaking me out and I'm taking my animals to the vet tomorrow morning, since they are closed today. But they are mainly where my animals lay at... Can anyone help me?


Hi Christina,

What you might be seeing is "flea dirt", which is the waste product left by fleas. When it's rehydrated, it looks rusty colored.

Many times you don't see the actual fleas, but only the waste they leave behind. You might also see flea dirt if you part your pet's hair, and see pepper-like flecks of this black stuff.  You can test to see if these flecks are flea dirt by putting a couple of these dark flecks of the dirt on a paper towel, moisten it with a couple of drops of water, and wait to see if it turns to that rusty red color.

A good flea control product should be used if it turns out this is a flea problem. Not only because of the itching, but because fleas can spread disease. You can also use food grade diatomaceous earth both on your pets, in their bedding and in your home (not the kind used near swimming pools, it has to be food grade).

Read about flea preventatives here:

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