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QUESTION: hello. im interested in acquiring a large dog. i am aware that most tend to have health risks, especially with their hips. so i was wondering if any large breeds to have minimal or no such health risks. its seeing my dog go through this would break my heart

ANSWER: Every dog breed has some type of health problem. If you give me a few breeds you are thinking about i can reply with your answers. How large are you thinking about going ? Some people think a lab is a large dog. Shoot me a quick reply and i will get back to you very soon.


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QUESTION: Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Mastiffs, Alaskan Malamute or a Great Dane, dogs like that. what would i expect fro such breeds and is there any way to prevent hip problems large dogs tend to have?
what about German Shepherds or Siberian Huskies?


You would do better with the German Shepherd,the Malamute and the Husky. The Greater Swiss Mountain dogs have  Urinary incontinence eye problems and lick fit...They will lick and eat anything. Mastiffs drool A LOT They have hip problems they also get "bloat" and gastric torsion. Great Danes have hip problems and only live 6-8 years. Every breed has health concerns,You have to weigh the good and the bad. Not all dogs from each breed has these problems but some do .

When you do get a dog make sure you feed him good dog food...Nothing from the big box stores,get a all natural food check the ingredients and make sure there is no corn or oats or corn meal/ The first ingredient should be meat,chicken or fish . If you have any more questions feel free to ask ;-)



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