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I have a female Pekingese that I tried to breed on her 9th day into her heat cycle, she flagged a little but did not let the male mount. Today she is on her 13th day from the first day I noticed her bleeding (Saturday Feb.8th = day 1) and the male was over, she was flagging like crazy but when he tried to mount her she would turn around fast and didn't let him after awhile she started to growl and the male would just sit there staring at her. I don't know what's wrong with my female and I've never had this problem when I bred large breed dogs. This is her 2nd heat cycle and would be her first time trying to mate. Please let me know what you think..

Two things:
If you counted correctly, nine days is two early.  Eleven is  better and the thirteenth is said to be the most fertile.

If the dogs live as brother and sister all year, she may not want to mate.  If not, I think she is just inexperienced and you had the wrong days.  


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