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I will be bringing home a 4-yr old, 30lb rescue dog. I have a large crate (roughly 3'x2'x2.5') should that be ok?
Thanks, Annika

If it's used just for transport it should be OK. Make sure he has a chew toy for the ride. Stay away from rawhide. It is very hard for them to pass it. Nylabones or pigs ears or bully sticks are best. Good for you for taking a rescue dog ;-) We have one also,it feels good to save a life.

Make sure you feed him/her food from a pet store. The big box stores have corn meal and oats and its not something a dog needs. Go with a all natural food...Ask the folks at the pet shop for some natural food,they will have plenty to choose from. First ingredient should be a meat or chicken or fish. Enjoy your new family member :-)



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